MQ: Gamification in Education

After watching the short video on gamification in education, I was shocked to find how much sense it made. I think this form of education is great and very beneficial, I hope that it begins to catch on more and more with teachers all over and in all grades. As the narrator explained how games help people learn and not become so discouraged, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. I’ve played my share of video games, and the feeling of accomplishing each level is so rewarding and encouraging. The reason so many kids are glued to their televisions and computers and because they enjoy the feelings that the games give them, it’s very satisfying to be rewarded for your hard work and be shown that if you keep at something that you’ll succeed and get to that next level. I really liked how in the video they examined and explained how when at first you don’t succeed at a certain level you try again, and try something different until you finally succeed and get where you want to be. I thoroughly enjoy how my HUM 101 class is set up and how we do things. It gets students think their work is more of a game, it makes things more motivating and fun.


4 responses to “MQ: Gamification in Education

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  3. I like your point that “gamifying” education promotes that if at first you do not succeed, keep trying. This is idea is generally missed in traditional educational environments.

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